Alexander Razo-Myers


Living analog life for a long while.

Photographer, cinematographer, media consultant.
Shoots silver film. Because it's beautiful. Uses any tool to tell the story.

Conversationalist. Dilettante polymath. Autodidact.
Moderately good baker.
Mechanic (specializing in pre-1971 GM products).
Occasional builder of campsite picnic tables.
Visitor of libraries. Collector of library cards and special collections permissions.
Enjoys good typefaces immensely.
Trying to get the interrobang '!?,' pilcrow ¶ and signum sectioni § back in style.


Believer that criticism, craft, and collegial dialogue are essential to do great things.
Believer in liberal arts, science, humanities, epistemology, etymology, inductivism, philosophy, rhetoric, the actual meaning of discipline, public higher education, civil liberties, free speech.

Proud fourth generation Californian.

My digital self is unconstructed, in the interim:

Colortini: my blog of occasionally (recently frequently) updated non-work photographs.

Instagram: which I still don't quite understand.